Cape Breton Highlanders Museum/Museum Drum

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When our 185th Battalion Cape Breton Highlanders ," Canadian Expeditionary Force" was reduced to nil strength in England , February of 1918,much of its equipment reverted back to the Crown..A Bass Drum from its Band was donated to a newly formed "Donkin Citizen Band ".

This Drum,while in use with the Donkin Band,has been refurbished many time ..but the Coat of Arms under the name"185 Cape Breton Highlander CEF" remains in its original form,as clear as the day it was painted, 84 years ago .To keep this band instrument in such perfect condition speaks highly of the since of pride and the appreciation of history in which the Donkin Citizen Band was able to foster in its Bandsmen through these many years.
At present this Drum is on display in the Cape Breton Highlanders Museum at Victoria park.

"Members of the Donkin Citizen Band during a practice session at there Band Rooms in Donkin C.B.